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The Order

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For The Order, cos we're cool that way. Word.

A Story: This community was supposed to be called the_order... But that was taken. So then we tried theorder... Again, taken. In a fit of angst, two ideas came to us, the_lions_roar and bastards_took_my_name... And, you guessed it, the first was taken, and unfortunately, bastards_took_my_name was too long... leaving us with the only choice, to name it after the founder of the best Hogwarts House... Godric Gryffindor. :P

The Order: We're just a group of dorks. Harry, Ron, Hermion, Neville, and Ginner.

We met because of one thing, and one thing only... The US Women's Gymnastics Team. From one very *special* community full of complete and utter USWGT obsession, spawned our bizarre group, and yet another *special* community... This one.

There is a point!

One person, on their specified day will post one entry, full of the most amazing things ever... Or the most boring. Whatever happens to be going on.

The point of it?

So we can get to know each other better, in this bizarre group/family of ours, that's spread fairly far apart. We'll get to know each other despite our difference, despite our similarities, and across borders, in hopes of one big hoopla eventually. <3

This is a community of sisters, of friends, of lovers. We've been through shit and I know that we'll be through more, what else do you expect with a group of girls. - Kirsten (Hermione)