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The Order

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7/29/09 10:33 pm - ashleymac06 - Clearly...something's up.

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4/13/09 09:04 pm - thefantasmickah - Hi there!

Okay, things have been figured out and we're back in business! I would however like to lay down some rules that we, as the leaders of the comm, have decided on and would like to have all members follow. They really should have been posted much sooner but that would require thinking on my part, for which I am sorry. So, without further ado...

*All members have the option to post. However the week is not free as those are the days for Ron, Hermione, Harry, Neville, and Ginner respectively. You can make posts on Saturday and Sunday.
*If for some reason you NEED to make a post THAT day, say a Tuesday, just shoot a message over to that day, Me if it's Tuesday, explaining why you're doing it, and in your post make sure you mention something about having permission for that day.
*Feel free to comment on posts! It's fun to get to know you that way.
*Once you've made your initial post update us on your life! We'd love to know more about it, just make sure it's on Saturday or Sunday.
*Of course the basic, no bashing, being stupid, etc. applies, we haven't had that problem but I thought I'd address it.
*Have fun, this community is about friendship and family, the family's always growing, get to know us!

Thank you and this is Tuesday/Hermione/Kirsten signing off.

We will officially start tomorrow, Tuesday. It works out better this way, though I promise it was not intentional, because Monday is currently, basically, bedridden, she had surgery on Friday, which I'm sure she will tell you all about next Monday. That said I will see you all tomorrow!

3/13/09 11:38 pm - ashleymac06 - I can't believe it's already here...

It's Friday the 13th!Collapse )!
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